Every software project requires your time and money investments. If you are interested in spending you resources efficiently and develop high-quality product, read these useful tips:


1.     Search for professionals

At present time, a lot of companies are involved in software development.  At least, they indicate this at their websites. Your task is to figure out who is real professional, and who is  newbie among them.


2.     Ask for references

If service providers possess some experience in your business domain, let them prove it. Portfolio of their created products and recommendations of happy customers - the best prove of competence.


3.     Interview your team

It would not harm to take a look at every resume and to choose the most experienced and qualified specialists personally. You should pay attention to those ones, who already had an experience of working in your field, who can suggest quite an amount of useful ideas and think of details. Certainly, this approach will cost more, but you should not save on your business…


4.     Do not save on your business

Always take into consideration the fact, that you are not spending money, but investing it, thus getting qualitative applications and the support services. A number of projects were not successful, because the service provider choice was based on the price only, not paying attention to the lack of team’s experience.


5.      Use offshore software development

You should not be afraid of the offshore development team. Choosing the developers from the reliable regions will save your money, thus increasing your ROI and decreasing risks.


6.      Order system specification

There’s a number of software development approaches with no specification requited (Scrum, Agile). Still I suggest you should get the specification. While creating it, software development professionals make GUI drafts, deal with technical difficulties, and create a prototype that can be presented to you. In the result you will get a detailed document describing all the process of the application creation. All this will be accompanied by the working prototype, which means that 60% of the work is accomplished and quite a short way is left to overcome.


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